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Half-halfling, half-elf wizard of the geomancer variety.

Faithfull scribe of the Noldor Calastir, Dark Lord of the Phallic Symbols. Currently living in his tower, trying to manage his household and estate while he searches for a cure for old age for his somnostatic human wife, the warpriestess Zena.


alchemy, anatomy, astronomy, geography, mathematics, herbology, maps, mycology, language, script, technology,


history, History of Europe, History of Africa, history of America


mythology, mesopotamian mythology, egyptian mythology, greek mythology, celtic mythology, norse mythology, japanese mythology, west-african mythology, gods, mythical creature,

Magic, folklore and ritual

magic, shamanism, curses, runes, tarot,folklore,magical plant, wizards workshop

Arts and crafts

theater, manuscript, illumination, sculpture, jewelry


Demons rain down from heaven into hell, Egerton 2781 f.1v, c.1340: “According to medieval Christian belief, these creatures were fallen angels, whose dark, hairy, winged bodies were a perversion of the angelic form. Though not always visible they were nevertheless believed to be ever-present. A diagram of the universe in a fourteenth-century Book of Hours shows these demons raining down from heaven towards Satan, bound in chains below the cosmos.”


The herb Ypericon repelling a demon, c. 1440

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An Incantation by John British Dixon, 1773


A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences by Ebenezer Sibly [1751-1800], M.D. F.R.H.S., Embellished with Curious Copper-Plates, London, 1806.

"The dimensions of the circle is [sic] as follows: a piece of ground is usually chosen nine feet square, at the full extent of which parallel lines are drawn one within another, having sundry crosses and triangles described between them, close to which is formed the first or outer circle; then, about half a foot within the same, a second circle is described; and wihin that another square correspondent to the first, the centre of which is the seat or spot where the master and associate are to be placed. The vacancies formed by the various lines and angles of the figure, are filled up with all the holy names of God, having crosses and triangles described betwixt them agreeable to a sketch I have given in the annexed plate, where likewise I have projected the form of magic seals, pentacles, &c. &c. just to give the reader an idea of what is meant, whenever we have occasion to speak of them in the following discourse.”

Magical Circle, Seals and Characters

Demons of the Month

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Papa Legba Veve


The vévé for Maman Brigitte.


The Vévé of Baron Samedi. Samedi, according to Vodun belief, is the Loa of the dead and master of resurrection. He is an outrageous spirit, often making lewd jokes to other spirits, he has a fondness for smoking and alcohol, and generally obscene behavior.


Veve of Erzulie


Veve of Agwe


Veve of Ayizan.

Grand Bois (Gran Bwa) Haiti lacks a hunting tradition, but has a deity that represents the power of all vegetation and all forests in Grand Bois. This deity is a paramount healer since much of our pharmacopeia is anchored in the vegetal kingdom.


In HaitianVodou, Grand Bois (meaning great wood, also Grans Bwa, Bran Bwa, Ganga-Bois) is an elemental, nature-oriented loa closely associated with trees, plants and herbs. Offerings to him include leaves and herbs, honey, and spiced rum. As a Petro Loa and Loa of the wilderness he can be fierce and unpredictable in some aspects.

Grand Bois, Maitre Carrefour (Master Crossroads), and Baron Cimetière (Baron Cemetery) form the Triad of Magicians. They represent the journey of life: Grand Bois represents the rich earth that you spring from and the dark woods you stumble through, Maitre Carrefour represents the various roads and paths you choose to travel on, and Baron Cimitère represents the end of the trip.

Grand Bois is represented by Saint Sebastian as his Catholic counterpart. His colours are commonly shades of green (sometimes including red in some Houses).


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